Current Project

Hartford Circus Fire Project


Open Ring Circus’ current project honors the history and implications of the Hartford Circus Fire of 1944, which claimed the lives of 167 audience members during a live Ringling Brothers show.  This production explores social constructs of public safety, humanity and emotion in the face of unthinkable disaster, and traces the roots of today‚Äôs Cirque Nouveau movement back to the traditions of one of America’s oldest artistic institutions…finding meaning and cultural parallels within the cycles of death, rebirth, and evolution. 

This production is currently in creation at the Philadelphia School of Circus Arts, and will be touring the US in summer and fall 2019.
For booking information, please contact openringcircus(at)

International Festival of Arts and Ideas

New Haven, CT


A first-of-its-kind public presentation of Open Ring Circus’ “The Canary’s Silence”, reimagined for the natural ambience of daylight and open air exclusively for the Arts and Ideas Festival in New Haven, CT. 

This show featured dynamic aerial and acrobatic dance-theater accompanied by the original sounds of Montreal-based musical talent.

“Movement in Miniature”

A playful exploration of scale and low perspective, inspired by the experiences of childhood and adolescence.

“Pitch, Black, Volume”

An immersive performance inviting individual audience members to sit inside a dark space as it slowly expanded around them, imparting sensations of claustrophobia and Agoraphobia.


A show about pollution and the state of our imprint on Earth.

“The First Piece”

A surrealist exploration of depression related to learning disabilities, and the imaginative brilliance that can emerge from individuals with alternative learning styles.